Improve OpenGraph / Twitter metadata on project website

The Hugo website should add some additional / improved metadata fields so that links are displayed better when sharing them around. This is how a shared link looks now on Mastodon:

Screenshot from 2021-11-24 09-05-48




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May I also suggest using the SVG variant of the logo on the website? It will look way more crisp than the PNG that’s currently there. To do so you probably have to store the SVG with some padding around it.

Sounds good.

Now I have no clue how to do that :fearful: My inkscape skills are … limited.

Ha ha, mine too. But there was some padding already. I created a version where I did ‘text to curves’ or otherwise you’d need to host the font.


You can use it in a normal IMG tag and set the width (either directly or via CSS) until it looks good.

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The universal hugo theme used by the website was copied over

and modified to use logo.svg instead of the hardcoded logo.png

and the submodule of the website repository was updated to get the theme at the new location

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