Humana collabora - Comparison of software forges

The link to the list has been removed to not help reference it while keeping this topic for archive purposes.

It is interesting that the biggest ethical problem the list curator see with is the use of Cloudflare for the DNS, and not the whole website. Given they also object to Codeberg taking down cloudflare-tor, I guess this explain the position of the list curator regarding doxxing and harassement.

I must also say that insulting gitea devs (in the footer of the list about a font issue) is also not inspiring much confidence.

I’ll remove that topic, it appears the purpose of this list is not what it looks like at first glance.

For the record, @dachary warned me about the removal (just to give credits about his efforts on getting good moderation, which is never easy). And after discussing with @dachary on IRC, I also realize that the codeberg moderation case is interesting for fedeproxy, since this also something that should be kept in account. It bring a few questions:

  • how would Fedeproxy react if a repo is removed by the upstream forge (whatever the reason for removal), eg, should it propagate the removal, warn user, warn admin, etc ?

  • given the original repo involved (cloudflare-tor) was copied all over the place (I found copies on several small independent forges), would the mass copy be a task made easier by fedeproxy, and so should some limitation be placed somewhere ? eg, if I am a admin of a fedeproxy instance and I want to avoid that, how would it go ?

In the end, it also bring the question of federated moderation, and while the cloudflare-tor case is I guess controversial, I can imagine a regular spam repo wouldn’t be as controversial while likely using the same system.

There is maybe no good answers yet (or ever), but I guess theses are questions we must keep in mind.

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