HOWTO use Emacs to update forgefriends from Gitea

Rebasing forgefriends on today’s Gitea main branch, there were no conflicts. Using the list of branches as a checklist worked well. Using magit it goes like this and takes around five minutes:

  • For rebasing:
    • r (rebase) u (upstream): to rebase onto the base branch
    • P (push) -f (force) p (push): to force push
  • For reset+merge:
    • X (reset) h (hard) name-of-the-base-branch: to reset to the newer base branch and discard previous merge
    • m (merge) m (merge) name-of-the-branch-to-merge: to merge the newer version of the branch into the newer version of the base branch
    • P (push) -f (force) p (push): to force push

To improve readability, the pushRemote of each branch is set to origin using b (branch) p (pushRemote):

The CI the schedule tests in order for each branch:

There currently are nine branches for which the CI runs and each run takes around 20 minutes to complete. That’s a total of three hours altogether.

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