How popular is Gitea?

Notability (Wikipedia page in 6 languages)

+25,000 stars on GitHub - go-gitea/gitea: Git with a cup of tea! Painless self-hosted all-in-one software development service, including Git hosting, code review, team collaboration, package registry and CI/CD which makes it one of the top 500 on GitHub out of 200 millions projects. (100 million+ downloads)

On the home page of the Gitee most valuable project list.

Setting up Gitea on hosting providers

Competitors documentation about Gitea

Instances open to the general public

Video tutorials


@dachary I see you are not cross-posting all your Gitea-related activity to their own forum, which is a missed opportunity. I’d drop links to your topics here and invite people to join this forum.

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There is very little activity in the gitea forum and it is mostly about support. That would make too much noise, don’t you think? The only drawback of transparency is the noise/information ratio. Right now I’m using this topic as a kind of notepad to collect and organize information related to the Gitea popularity and I don’t know where this is going to end. Maybe I’m too shy about this…

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Integration with development environments & SDKs

I don’t think so. It will help make that forum more active. You might reserve one topic and post each announcement to it as comments.

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In addition to the intellij plugin, Jetbrain’s YouTrack has integration with Gitea as well (which is a first party part of the software, rather than a third party plugin)

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More places gitea is:
Vultr marketplace:
Dockerhub: (100 million+ downloads)

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Added to wikidata, it was indeed missing :+1:

Added to the list of facts that contribute to the notability of Gitea (in the Wikipedia sense).

I did not know of those two. But sometime I’m quite ignorant of very popular web sites / projects … Are they very well known (Vultr, Chocolatey)? The reason I’m asking is because there always is a limited amount of space in a grant application. A choice will have to be made and it will not be possible to list all the places where Gitea appears, only the most well known.

Vultr/Choco could probably be both skipped, Vultr is similar to Digitalocean (and writing this I remembered that it is published to Linode Marketplace too, which could also be skipped)

Choco is a package manager for Windows.

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A news article about our latest release:

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