Heptapod fedeproxy counterpart

Bonjour @gracinet,

Do you think it would be ok to host a https://lab.fedeproxy.eu/fedeproxy/fedeproxy/ mirror on https://foss.heptapod.net/? The idea being that the first production instance of fedeproxy should be … federated :stuck_out_tongue: There is no urgency as nothing is working at the moment.



@dachary, sure, no problem.

I think that a new top-level group would be best, as it would let you create auxiiliary or testing projects later on.

For communication with other admins on foss.h.n (now or much later), it’s best to create an issue with the “Hosting Request” template on its self-tracking project. I’ll let you do that so that you can fill in the blanks. I’m automatically notified.


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@gracinet excellent news! While filling the form I realize this is an unusual use cas: the intention is to federate and make an example of how hosting a project does not mean using a single forge :slight_smile:

A mirror of the server code was setup and the CI disabled to not consume resources needlessly (it fails anyway because docker is needed).