Grant application for federation in Gitea

I will send the following personal email to each Gitea developer I know as soon as it is published to get their attention.


The generic grant application is almost ready and, luckily, a call opened August 1st with a deadline October 1st, 2021 for NGI Zero Discovery. The federation of forges in general and Gitea in particular is an enabler for searching federated forges in a distributed way: reason why it is relevant to the call.

Would you be so kind to let me know your availability for a last videoconference to clarify a few important points? That would allow me to work on the grant application and if it succeeds the funds will be available before the end of 2021.


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Some suggestions for posting paid work: FOSS Jobs, Bountysource (maybe more candidates on delightful funding).

Update: Lemmy post on upcoming webinar…

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@aschrijver would you be so kind as to post the following to this issue ? This is unfortunately the only date when you’re not available :frowning: I can’t do 26th anymore: another obligation was inserted. Tough choice.

The call is open to everyone and will be at: Wednesday August 25th, 6pm UTC+2, 2021

The call will be recorded and published the same day. Please speak up now if this prevents you from participating. The proposed agenda is:

Done. No problem, happy there’s a good group joining.

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This is very gracious of you :slight_smile:

I just noticed a feature request was opened by @techknowlogick for the baby step at

Would you be so kind as to add this link to the agenda, next to the Baby step item?

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@techknowlogick are you based in Germany by any chance? If so you could be elligible to benefit from Prototype Fund, under the “software infrastructure” topic. But maybe you are already aware of that?

I wish I were, I would put on so much weight eating all the delicious food :laughing:

One of our german contributors has brought up this fund before, however no work towards applying to it has been done.

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It would be worth mentioning to them that this grant application has all the elements they need to fulfill the application form and get funded, should they be willing to work to further federation in Gitea.

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Ah, good idea. I’ve just forwarded this thread to them, and invited them to tomorrow’s chat.

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@aschrijver would you be so kind as to copy/paste the following on my behalf as a comment to the following issue? I’m very grateful for your help :slight_smile:

Today’s videoconference recording. I started the recording late (I keep forgetting). The only thing missing is me reading the introduction of the grant proposal. The video starts when I ask for input to @techknowlogick & @zeripath.


Action items (before October 1st):

  • @dachary :
    • Update the grant application introduction to (i) include the self-hosted stability benefit that comes with federation (ii) fix the latest paragraph that should not be about user interface (move it up?)
    • Fill the NGI Zero Discovery NLnet application
    • Select tasks that could fit in the NLnet budget
  • @techknowlogick: provide a bio
  • @zeripath @techknowlogick: provide an hourly/daily rate
  • @zeripath @techknowlogick: proofread the NLnet application


  • NLnet application, if selected, would begin around January 2022
  • Sponsors on are “in kind” for the most part, i.e. providing resources like hosting, hardware, services rather than funding
  • Where to advertise the grant?

@techknowlogick if you were a European citizen the NLnet grant application could mention you as an individual (see the eligibility information page). Since this is not the case, you need to be hired (e.g. as a part time employee, contractor…) by a European organization. It could be a non-profit like(e.g. Codeberg) or a company. Do you think that can be arranged?

Now that the generic grant application is complete and that a concrete grant is derived from it, the date at which my contribution to Gitea fundraising will end appears to be October 1st, 2021 the latest. Or when the application is actually sent, whichever comes first.

Thanks to Estonian e-residency, I own a European company that is able to do just that. However, I’m unsure if that is a strict requirement as the founder of Pixelfed is non-EU and they were accepted by NLnet for multiple grant rounds (I have sent Pixelfed founder a message asking for more details).


It is not a strict requirement indeed, but it raises the bar:

Given equal proposals, inhabitants of the EU and its associated countries are given priority, however if the project is of exceptional quality and the proposer holds unique technical expertise proposals from outside of those geographic areas can be eligible as well.

I’ve just confirmed with the Pixelfed founder, and previously it was easier but the rules have become stricter since they applied. So I will use my EU organization.

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