GoToSocial forked go-fed/activity

The GoToSocial project has created a fork of the Go-Fed Activity library. This is temporary and to ensure they can move forward on making changes to the lib.

In the Matrix chatroom the decision was discussed here on November 13:

tobi (they/them) wrote:
" since we haven’t heard from cj (the go-fed author + maintainer) in a long time, I moved GtS to the superseriousbusiness fork of go-fed for the time being, so that we can include necessary functionality like properly marking posts as sensitive when federating or receiving
once cj resurfaces and if he accepts the PRs made against go-fed for that functionality, we can switch back."

I will post this topic URL to their general chatroom, so everyone is informed.

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FYI. In I posted:

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@dachary note that starting from the above message there was further discussion on forgefriends for a while. One of the suggestions was to bridge your Mattermost to Matrix (earlier I mentioned a possible migration… this would be another option). What I really like in GoToSocial how active the 2 matrix communication channels are. Really allows following all that is happening on the development side, and be informed on all the details.

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