Funding to work on forgefed


To anyone motivated to work on forgefed, you may want to send a mail to zPlus and ask if there still are funded work that is not complete. Even if you are not currently a beneficiary of the grant, zPlus can ask NLnet to amend the Memoradum of Understanding to include you so you can claim payment for some tasks.

The NLnet funding was obtained two years ago but there is no set deadline to complete it. The payment is obtained whenever a given task is complete, not on a specific schedule. However, although NLnet does not impose a deadline the organization from which the fund originates does. Tasks that are not complete by October 1st, 2022 will loose their funding.

Let’s take an example.

(S7) UI translation: specification sections defining how software user interface localization management services (such as Weblate) would be represented and interacted with in a federated manner, and how they would interact with other forge objects, such as repositories and tickets.

If someone has a merged pull request to that implements this task and it shows at, they could send a request for payment and get the amount attached to this task.


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Here’s the ticket that relates to stuff that the ForgeFed folks determined to be eligible for NLnet funding:

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This ticket is 2 years old while the funding page is 1 year old which leads me to conclude it is the last to be updated.

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