Friendly Forge Format documentation


Nathanaël contributed a script to create HTML pages from the Friendly Forge Format schemas… and it looks good :+1:


Now the question is… how and where to publish this documentation.

Ideas ?

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Looks great! The need for an umbrella organization is constantly increasing, and I volunteered to work towards it, but I’m not available till August. Ideally, there should be should be linking to wherever the Friendly Forge Format docs are published.

From a technical standpoint, maybe it would be convenient to:

  • Build the HTML pages in a CI
  • Push them to a branch named pages
  • Ping a pages to update the content of the website.

Does that sound like a sane way to use pages?

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I can offer or something like that. In that setup the “forge friends” umbrella organization would be part of the Social Coding Movement, optionally have a separate place on Discuss Social Coding (see offer to join), have a FSDL sub-category there. And publish FFF deliverables to FSDL website.

I suppose you meant the “forge hub” organization, that would be an umbrella for forgeflux, forgefriends, friendly forge format etc. ?

Yes. I used “forge friends” between scare quotes before to refer to the umbrella, but “forge hub” is turning to be the more accepted placeholder name (unless it has become officially adopted?)

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I don’t think anyone is actually working on creating forge hub, but there seems to be a consensus that it would be a sensible thing to work on.

Apologies for the delayed response:

Yes, totally! If you require help setting it up, please let me know. :slight_smile:

I volunteered to work on creating an umbrella organization for code forge federation projects starting mid-August. Furthermore, I estimate the work would require 1 month of work with the following objectives:

  • website(includes monthly ecosystem overview blog post)
  • onboarding members*
  • jurisdiction of governance*
  • terms and conditions*
  • organization responsibilities*

Tasks marked * will require consensus from members, which will happen asynchronously and beyond the estimated one-month period.