Forgefriends outgoing SMTP misconfigured


It appears I have done something wrong with the outgoing SMTP configuration. Most probably missing an Ansible playbook.

To be continued

Hi Loic,

Here’s the output from one of our MXs

2022-11-02 17:25:00 [15242] ( [redacted]:49100 I=[redacted]:25 Warning: X-Country: FR
2022-11-02 17:25:00 [15242] ( [redacted]:49100 I=[redacted]:25 Warning: X-Spam-NoCheck: No
2022-11-02 17:25:00 [15242] ( [redacted]:49100 I=[redacted]:25 sender verify defer for could not connect to [redacted]: Connection refused
2022-11-02 17:25:00 [15242] ( [redacted]:49100 I=[redacted]:25 temporarily rejected RCPT redacted: Could not complete sender verify callout
2022-11-02 17:25:00 [15242] ( [redacted]:49100 I=[redacted]:25 incomplete transaction (RSET) from
2022-11-02 17:25:00 [15242] SMTP connection from ( [redacted]:49100 I=[redacted]:25 closed by QUIT

[redacted] noted that:

Signup emails are originating from

Callbacks are failing because no email is configured for that domain at all.

SMTP connection from (

$ host is an alias for has address redacted
$ host has address redacted
$ # No MX record, so defaults to A record
$ # NB: No IPv6 either
$ telnet redacted 25
Trying redacted…
telnet: connect to address redacted: Connection refused

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@rlaguerre it would be great if you could set the reverse of to

That was fixed today, it will take a little while to propagate.

The SPF record is incorrect too.

$ dig +short TXT
"v=spf1 ?all"

It should be “v=spf1 mx ip4: ~all”

The emails sent by the forum come from the domain (CNAME of which doesn’t have an SPF record at all.

% dig +short TXT
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$ dig +short TXT
"v=spf1 mx ip4: ~all"
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