Forgefriends online coworking - November 7th 2pm UTC+1


Today, Raphaël, Nathanaël and myself decided to have an online coworking session, starting 2pm UTC+1 up to two hours. Anyone is welcome to join and work on this or something else, we would enjoy the company :slight_smile:

Things to do:


Reminder: Check you equipment by next time so we can record the whole session.
(This time, it was about 2,5 hours?)

Since @tallship joined us towards the end, it might make sense to also translate the time to California timezone (PST, i.e. UTC-8)?

Or at least adopt something like a converter for the next meetings:

Perhaps similar with India?

This way, the appointments could become even more inclusive!
Working across timezones can be a challenge :slight_smile:


Well this is a bit embarrassing, actually.

I typically have tried to work by and adhere to UTC since the early 80’s, when almost everything we did at work included that and the use of Julian dates.

The earlier mix up on my part was due to not paying attention when converting UTC +2 into my own timezone (PST, UTC -8) instead of seeing it posted as (I think) CET.

Whenever I myself schedule events I’ll usually give two references. Often, the first, in my local timezone, but then the second in UTC itself with no offset.

It’s easy for me to see UTC (what we used to call Zulu back when I worked for the DoD) and know what time it is or will be where I am at, but when someone posts their schedules in UTC AND their offset… Well for some reason I start thinking about international datelines and whether or not I need to consider adjusting once or twice for daylight savings time, and… Bottom line, it was my mistake and I should have just looked it up at time&date’s website if I had confused myself.

I think a lot of this confusion started for me when I had an associate office in Melbourne in the early 2000’s - daylight savings time changes not coinciding in the same date affected scheduling 4x each year and I would usually end my afternoons knowing that it was already tomorrow around lunchtime there.

That was when I got lazy and began to depend upon desktop widgets, instead of my brain, showing me a graphical analog clock representation of what time it was in Los Angeles, London, and Melbourne.

Thank you for the concerns and especially the consideration offered for accommodating my silly lapse in reasoning though, it is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:



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