Forgefriends online coworking - July 4th, 2pm UTC+2


Today, Nathanaël and myself decided to have an online coworking session July 4th, starting 2pm UTC+2. This is very informal and our main topic will be to work on defining what the Friendly Forge Format is and the implementation of pyfff together. Anyone is welcome to join and work on this or something else, we would enjoy the company :slight_smile:




  • using a language-neutral format for the schema, for instance, JSON-Schema
  • decoupling schema definition and code
  • create a test set of reference data for automated testing (separate project)
  • create reference implementations for to/from migrations to several forges (Gitea, SourceHut, Fossil, GitLab, GitHub, etc).
  • use a simple user@forge id as a user identifier, do not keep user mappings between forges
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two use cases:

  1. migration from forge
  2. forge federation
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On forge federation, user actions are communicated between federated forges using the unique user id as defined.

User might decide to coalesce their user ids but that will require a strong cross-authentication between servers (one-shot per pair).

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