Forgefriends online coworking - January 11th 9am UTC+1


Today, Nathanaël and myself decided to have an online coworking session, starting 9am UTC+1, for the day. Anyone is welcome to join and work on this or something else, we would enjoy the company :slight_smile:

Things to do:


Preparation of the co-working session:

TL;DR: embed gof3 in a python module (#1) · Issues · Friendly Forge Format (F3) / F3 Python · GitLab

Hello :wave:

I started porting F3 to rust (source, docs).

I found a tool that can generate Rust source code from JSON Typedef, but it didn’t work on Generating Rust from JSON Typedef schemas. For now, I’m manually porting schema.

I advise to embed the .so within Rust as if it was a C library instead.

I don’t follow, would you like me to compile to a .so file or is there a library that already exists that can be loaded into the Rust port?

Compiling to .so is easy and doable.

I meant compiling into a .so, yes.

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