Forgefriends online coworking - April 12th 9am UTC+1


Today, Nathanaël and myself decided to have an online coworking session, starting 9am UTC+1, for the day. Anyone is welcome to join and work on this or something else, we would enjoy the company :slight_smile:

Things to do:

  • F3 and wikidata.


Now that the Forge wikidata project exists, we could:

  • Add instance of features for each forge as found in Comparison of source-code-hosting facilities - Wikipedia and elsewhere
  • Propose the content of this page is derived from wikidata instead of being edited manually
  • Clarify the preferred instance of in case there is an ambiguity (see the difference between bug tracker and issue tracker for instance)
  • Write a script to extract data from wikidata and create a page in the F3 documentation to enumerate all features

Recording of the coworking session