Forgefriends monthly update, November 19th 2022, 5pm UTC+2

This monthly meeting is a conversation about what happened in the forgefriends project since the last meeting, as described in the November 2022 blog post.

Videoconference at Jitsi Meet

Recording is here

Short reminder about the Code of Conduct

It starts with 5 minutes presentations about what was done since the last meeting followed by a 5 minutes free discussion. Everyone is invited to make a presentation, as long as something concrete happened and exclusively about activities conducted in public. Each presentation must be prepared (improvisation does not make for a useful presentation) and associated with URLs where participants will find evidences about the activities.


  • Introductions where everyone state their name (or nickname) and why they are attending this meeting
  • Welcome new participants
  • Collaboration
  • Development
  • Funding

This meeting will be mostly focused on discussing workplans related to federation funding… and Forgejo.

Posted in the chatroom.

@room the next forgefriends monthly meeting will be November 19th @ 5pm UTC+2 save the date :sparkles: Everyone is welcome !

Notes of the meeting between @onepict & @dachary that happened right after the monthly meeting.

  • Calendar
  • Checking in with everyone activity
    • loic: writes a monthly report about what I do in forgejo, including a federation
    • rfp from all beneficiary will have urls to PRs
  • Looking at the activity what is worth communicating about?
  • When there is a new functionality it is pushing the project and worth communicating about
  • The work done helps NLnet and NGI to justify they spent money wisely
  • It is also fine if some beneficiaries do not concern themselves about how their work help NLnet or NGI
  • There are opportunities for cooperation with other NLnet grantees, a synergy
  • There has been communication between librecast and other projects that could have a positive outcome down the line
  • Regarding forge federation there is a similar logic to reaching out to other NLnet grantees
    • All teams are on the fediverse
    • They can be a relay for the communication for forge federation
  • Loic will publish technical bits
  • Reaching out to contributors (not just technical, documentation)
  • The issue tracker is overwhelming, how to make it more appealing?
  • Call for contributors to explain in the documentation what federation is about so that when it is available there is user documentation
  • Loic monthly report: December 15th
  • Two parts in the videoconference meeting federation + forgejo: 17, 21, 22 december 4pm UTC+1 / 5pm UTC+1