Forgefriends maintenance guide

Forgefriends is implemented on top of the Gitea codebase and chases it. See the cheatlist for practical tips & tricks.

Branches and merge requests

  • Each feature that may require rebasing on Gitea is maintained in a branch named feature-…
  • Each feature branch is associated to a Draft: feature-… merge request for the purpose of tracking changes made when rebasing

The main branch is the result of merging all feature-… branches. Individual feature branches are rebased on top of their base branch prior to the merge.

When a feature branch depends on other feature branches, a base-… branch by the same name is created (for instance feature-activitypub is based on base-activitypub). The base-… branch is the result of merging all dependent feature branches onto the latest main Gitea branch.

The main branch is force pushed to check if the CI passes.