Forgefed NLnet funding update

For archive purposes:

During the forgefed videoconference, it was said that very little of the original NLnet funding was used and that it probably ran out of time because it had a one year deadline. It all depends on the specifics of the MoU (memoradum of understanding, which has not been published): some of them do not contain a time limit. The workplan associated with the MoU may bet set for one year, but the funds reserved for the project may be reserved for a longer period of time.

It was also clarified that this funding was to allow zPlus and @fr33domlover to work full time on forgefed.

@fr33domlover said they will get in touch with NLnet to figure out if the funds are still available. In any case, because of legal obligations that NLnet has towards the organization on behalf of which it distributes funding orginating from the Horizon 2020 European program, any possibility of submitting requests for payment will expire October 1st, 2022.