Forgefed NLnet funding update (2019 -> 2022)

For archive purposes:

During the forgefed videoconference, it was said that very little of the original NLnet funding was used and that it probably ran out of time because it had a one year deadline. It all depends on the specifics of the MoU (memoradum of understanding, which has not been published): some of them do not contain a time limit. The workplan associated with the MoU may bet set for one year, but the funds reserved for the project may be reserved for a longer period of time.

It was also clarified that this funding was to allow zPlus and @fr33domlover to work full time on forgefed.

@fr33domlover said they will get in touch with NLnet to figure out if the funds are still available. In any case, because of legal obligations that NLnet has towards the organization on behalf of which it distributes funding orginating from the Horizon 2020 European program, any possibility of submitting requests for payment will expire October 1st, 2022.

For the record, from the chatroom:

@fr33domlover FYI I sent an email to [redacted] from NLNet to ask about funding
There were funded tasks for the spec, tasks for implementing in Vervis, tasks for implementing in Pagure
I’ve been making progress implementing federated patches/PRs in Vervis (hopefully demo coming soon and edits to the spec) so I hope I can get some m0ney to sustain the work :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try sending to other people in NLNet, maybe [redacted] is away/busy

ForgeFed_MoU_Public.pdf (175.6 KB)

Page 2 reads:

The validity of the Memorandum of Understanding is one calendar year (twelve months) from the date of signing.

Since the MoU was signed over a year ago and unless there was an explicit request from the beneficiaries to extend the deadline, it means there is no funding left.

In an unexpected plot twist, the remaining funds are still available. More details are expected.

Here is a copy of the mail from NLnet. Oddly enough it refers to 2021-10-022 but the MoU is 2019-10-051 :thinking:

It’s great to hear you want to pick up the tasks in the MoU again. The
ForgeFed project (2021-10-022) still has funding left that you can
claim. The hard deadline for claiming it is October 1st 2022. Any
funding not claimed by finishing tasks until then goes back to the EC.

The work on ForgeFed is still very important.

It turns out it was indeed a confusion and the remaining funds are about 15,000€ which makes for a decent income to compensate @fr33domlover since he resumed his participation around June 2022 and until October 2022.

This is a great example of how flexible and sensible NLnet can be. And will be an inspiration for people who found themselves in similar situations. It is always worth checking if unspent funds are available instead of assuming they are not.