Forge federation webinar preparation

Looks good to me :+1:

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Btw, might consider recording the webinar… would be great to have it around for later, post it to PeerTube, etc.

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recording would be appreciated as the time is 4AM local time for me.

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Welcome to forgefriends, Cliff. Yes, the webinar will be recorded :smiley:

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Will it be recorded in all 3 languages ? Or only the english original ?

The english original only. Note that translation will happen from Chinese to English and from French to English, not the other way around. The assumption is that everyone understands English just fine, as long as the speaker articulates well. Which is not an unreasonable assumption for a target audience of Free Software Developers who read documentation and code in English all day long :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, got it. Yeah english is fine in any case.

I was thinking about covering the event in my live stream on peertube, and was just wondering if some extra recorder would be needed from outside.


I see you’re in Taipei from your profile. Do you speak Chinese by any chance?

I do, but not at a very fluent level. Still, I can follow meetups in chinese without being too much lost.

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It’s actually great news :slight_smile: Here is the situation: a number of Gitea users and developers are native Chinese speakers, including @lunny, one of the owners. There even is a Chinese support section in the forum, a Chinese chat channel and a Gitee mirror of Gitea (I know… confusing :stuck_out_tongue: ). These are the primary reasons why it seems sensible to have a Chinese interpreter during the meeting.

However… this is the first meeting where such a possibility is offered and it is difficult to convince people to attend and try to ask questions in Chinese so that they are translated in English. It is unusual to say the least and I suspect it will take time before it becomes convenient. Ideally people will get use to it but we’re not there yet.

If you (or a fellow developer who speaks Chinese) are willing prepare one or two questions in Chinese, that would be very helpful. It can be very short questions, one or two sentences, right after the introduction talk for instance. If noone else ask a question in Chinese, there would at least be a recording of the simultaneous translation of those questions to show how it works at a later time.

Does that make sense?

I think I understand. You want to make sure that the translation process is demonstrably reliable and at least someone has to ask a question that way to prove it.

A friend of mine, french chinese-speaking expat like me, may attend, I will tell him about it. But optimally, I will try to find a real native chinese speaker from my local developers friends to attend and provide that interaction.

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You understood perfectly :slight_smile: In the meantime I’ll reach out to people the forum/chat.

And in the Chinese chatroom


Bonjour @Alexandra,

We are busy preparing the webinar, here is the material you can browse in advance to be better prepared.

I confirm that we will meet to prepare and answer your questions

9am UTC+1 January 19th, 2022 at

All presentations (around 5 minutes) will be delivered in English, which is good news for you because it definitely is the most challenging part :slight_smile: There will, however, be people asking questions or sharing ideas in their native language afterwards and this is where your help will be needed. In other words, you’ll be able to relax while the presenters are talking and you’ll need to stay alert when the webinar audience starts discussing.

At the beginning of the webinar each person willing to benefit from simultaneous translation will say so explicitly so that you know who will require your attention. Realistically I do not expect this will take more than a few minutes of your time during the entire webinar. But these minutes are crucial to break the language barrier: they will be recorded and shared publicly to encourage more people to join and benefit from simultaneous translation during the next meetings.

Very much looking forward to working with you tomorrow!

@realaravinth @dat-adi & myself recorded a very short video to demonstrate how to use the Jitsi slider. And the webinar instructions were updated accordingly.


I very much enjoyed working with all of you to prepare this webinar. I specially loved how tasks were semi-spontaneously distributed before and during the webinar. It was the right balance of work and willingness to do something useful. At no point did I feel any sense of pressure, urgency or stress. After spending two days working on this full time (and around four more days spread over a month), I feel happy, relaxed and a little tired. For me the outcome of this collective work was useful: it helps spread the word on forge federation and I feel closer to the projects and the project members who participated.