Fedeproxy Updates, April 2021

This monthly meeting is a conversation about what happened in the fedeproxy project since the last meeting, as described in the April 2021 blog post.

Videoconference at https://jitsi.enough.community/NeatTablesAppearPlayfully

Short reminder about the Code of Conduct

It starts with 5 minutes presentations (maximum 6) about what was done since the last meeting followed by a 5 minutes free discussion on various topics. Everyone is invited to make a presentation, as long as something concrete happened and exclusively about activities conducted in public. Each presentation must be prepared (improvisation does not make for a useful presentation) and associated with URLs where participants will find evidences about the activities.

Setting the date for the next meeting

Any date during the next month is suitable. For instance the July meeting may be on the 20th and the August meeting on the 2nd, as long as at least two person are available to participate.


Discussion topics

Topics for next meetings

  • in case there is no room to discuss this

That was a 2h10 meeting and we covered every aspect of fedeproxy to date (that took one hour) and went on discussing the future (that took another hour). Here are my main takeaways from the brainstorming part of the meeting:

  • Create a CoderGlue infrastructure in addition to fedeproxy to host another instance of the project. And experiment with them having a federated life together. At the beginning it will be a little difficult because … well because fedeproxy does not exist yet and everything has to be done manually. But it is going to be an ideal ground for experimentation.
  • Create a mastodon account for fedeproxy with the policy that it is only used to boost toots from people involved in fedeproxy. It won’t toot anything because there cannot be a spokesperson for the fedeproxy project.
  • A liberapay account could be used for a specific task but it’s still very fuzzy.

The credentials for the account are here.

I gave a follow-up to this on SocialHub in the “United Software Development” topic, as it also indicates the way in which to breakdown your domain. Based on that you might get two subprojects: FedeProxy and CoderGlue.


With a breakdown into subprojects, you might also breakdown the presentation of the project into 2 websites:

  • Top-level FedeProxy site (general info, organization, funding, etc.) --> example: framapiaf.org
  • The CoderGlue project site (“CoderGlue: A FedeProxy project”, on-topic project status only).
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