Fedeproxy expenses

To contribute financially to fedeproxy:

Accounting is in the following spreadsheet:


  • One day of work is estimated at 300€ (which translates to 150€ in the bank account after taxes, unemployment contribution, social security contribution)
  • When volunteering, one day of work is estimated at the same price
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I think now is a good time to create a spreadsheet to keep track of the money spent & received: there will be more movement in the months to come and it won’t be convenient to do it manually here. A link to a readonly public version could be published like this:


Since there will be money from the grant and that @pilou and I will use it to pay for our time, I also accounted for the unpaid time spent since the inception of the project, back in January. I only did mine and @pilou will need to estimate how much time he spent as well. In the grant proposal 27,000€ is for 4.5 month salary, full time (20 days per month). That’s 27,000€ / 90 == 300€ per day.

What do you think?

@pilou will need to estimate how much time he spent as well.

I didn’t take note, I estimate I spent 2 days in January.

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