Experiment in breaking the language barrier (Chinese)


In the past few days I started an experiment to break my language barrier (French & English) with people writing Chinese. How effective can machine translation be when discussing technical topics? The vocabulary is rather limited and even with gross approximations, maybe I can understand and express myself.

I picked the Gitea chinese support category of the forum and participated in the following threads.

I asked two friends for advice. One of them works at a non-profit that specializes in software translation. The other works in a non-profit that publishes software and is a native Chinese speaker.

There are issues in Chinese opened in Gitee for Gitea, despite a clear warning to do otherwise. I added the following suggestion to the most recent ones to suggest they use the Chinese category of the forum.

请到 https://discourse.gitea.io/c/5-category/5 提交中文问题

There has been no additional issues filed on gitee in the past two months. It looks like Lunny’s warning is effective (本工程为镜像工程,所有issue将不会收到答复。).


@mariha thanks a lot for your participation in yesterday’s monthly update. It was instrumental is demonstrating that simultaneous translation can actually work :tada:

For the next meeting in December, I’ll try to recruit a Chinese translator (@Alexandra do you know someone by any chance)? This will be an important step in involving the Chinese speaking community of Gitea.

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@dachary thank you for recruiting me for this amazing project. Unfortunately I can’t help you with the Chinese recommendation, I don’t know anyone who speaks or interprets from English to Chinese. Hope you’ll manage to find the right person for the job, looking forward to our next month meeting.

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@Alexandra would you be available December 17th, 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 UTC+1 instead of 16:00 to 18:00 UTC+1 ? The Chinese interpreter is located in mainland China which is UTC+8 and that would be very late.

@dachary, sure, no problem, we can reschedule the meeting from 10:00 to 12:00 UTC+1.

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