EU Programme 2021 –27


Next week will be the NGI Forum and although I will not attend (because I have no clue how it could be beneficial to fedeproxy), I did my due diligence and looked at the EU Programme 2021 –27:

The goals set in the document are so far away from fedeproxy that I can’t imagine how NGI could fit in. But I’m known for a complete lack of imagination in these matters :smiley:


While this is a very high-level breakdown of a strategic policy, I see plenty handholds for FedeProxy (especially when looking more from the CoderGlue and United Software Development perpectives, i.e. societal impact of widespread FedeProxy deployment). You have to realize this program is intended to fund 1,000’s of projects potentially. There where FedeProxy can play a role as just a tiny cog in the gearbox, you might already find funding.

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I’ll make sure to read your thoughts on the evolution of this long term funding in the fediverse to keep up to date: I trust your instincts :wink: And has lots of good information as well.

In any funding application you should demonstrate how it fits well into this program, here the many, often fluffy, keywords provide your handholds. Inclusive, creativity, society, innovation, sustainable, humans, etc. etc. See them as your ‘tag cloud’ to weave from. In what ways are we innovative, how do we increase inclusion, and what is especially innovative in the way we promote inclusion (weave the words). Other words that might seem more far-fetched can still play a role. Like ‘sustainability’… what has FedeProxy to do with improving the environment, right? Well, you might look at ways it further improves remote work processes, and e.g. saving travel times. Far fetched? Maybe. Depends. You should also realize that, while you target mostly FOSS projects, the applicability is much broader, and all kinds of organizations may start to use FedeProxy for that reason. This too is an attractive aspect to weave into an application (EU is sensitive to that).

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