DRAFT: monthly report, November 2022

On October 25th Gitea Ltd took over the Gitea project and most of the forgefriends related work was focused on bootstraping a fork governed by a democratic non-profit community. During that time the workplan for the federation grant was finalized.


Most people usually involved in forgefriends and other federated projects spent a substantial amount of their time handling the Gitea Ltd takeover. During the first days to figure out what it meant and discussing the consequences. And bootstraping the Forgejo project, a fork of Gitea under the umbrella of the Codeberg e.V. non-profit.

The fork is “soft” in the sense that it is a set of patches applied on top of Gitea, rebased on a regular basis. Very much like forgefriends currently is but properly documented. Some of the work currently done in forgefriends, such as the F3 integration, could be contributed as a feature branch on Forgejo.


Discussions started to switch from using Gitea to using Forgejo instead. There are only advantages in doing so because:

  • it removes most of the current friction created by the fact that participating in the Gitea development requires proprietary services (GitHub, crowdin, discord, etc.)
  • people involved in Forgejo have a focus on federation that is close to the goals of forgefriends which creates an environment where development is more likely to move forward

Transparency and funding

The federation grant intake call of NGI Entrust happened and there is nothing stopping the grant now. A workplan was finalized and will be discussed during the next monthly meeting before being submitted to NLnet so the contract (called a Memorandum of Understanding) can be signed by all parties.


It is likely the last one I’ll write: the next one may be for Forgejo … and may include a paragraph for forgefriends from time to time. It’s a little early to be sure but it feels like a logical shift.