DRAFT: monthly report, June 2021


Here is a draft for the monthly report to be published June 23rd, 2021. Feel free to edit/add, it’s a wiki :slight_smile:


User Research

User research was completed and the report published.

Interviews transcripts

The fedeproxy project started early 2021 to improve interoperability between software forges so that a Free Software developer can participate in any project, regardless of the forge where it is hosted. The ideal situation would be if all software forges were federated, but this is a very ambitious undertaking and an incremental approach can be more effective immediately. The user research is based on ten interviews with Free Software developers conducted between March and May 2021. They were analyzed by six Free Software developers and the outcome is the following recommendations:

  • Focus on multi forges issues. Developers manually add links in issues or commit comments to keep track of related issues that are located on different forges. They rely on their memory or conventions to connect the two. Fedeproxy can automate this workflow and provide activity notifications when it is lacking.
  • Leverage the desire of developers for a decentralized and federated ecosystem. Although developers have agreed to the terms of service of centralized forges, they are unhappy about it. Making it easy for them to participate in fedeproxy would allow them to help making it happen sooner rather than later.
  • Create a User eXperience, not a User Interface. Developers use the UI of the forge on which their project is hosted on a daily basis and are reluctant to use another UI. The UX provided by fedeproxy by must be embedded in the UI they currently use.

Software Development & infrastructure

A development plan was discussed and agreed on. It is limited to a few weeks (up to to July 2021) and focuses on assembling the building blocks in a sensible way, with the goal of federating a single issue in a test environment. The codebase is now self-hosted on a GitLab instance dedicated to fedeproxy. It is associated with a CI with enough resources to run extensive integration tests that require running two GitLab instances.

Choices were made such as using Django; the federation ActivityPub python library (because it is used by socialhome); the forgefed commit type; the GitLab import/export format; storing data in a DVCS.

Releases will be published monthly from the PyPI fedeproxy account. Whatever is merged at the scheduled date of the montly milestone (see the June milestone for instance) is included in the release.

The first release will contain some code to deal with the DVCS and GitLab and the associated integration tests that use a GitLab instance created for the duration of the test.

More technical details can be found in the development category of the forum.


The ongoing diversity effort is documented in the category of the forum. During May 2021 monthly update Pierre-Louis and Loïc decided to permanently allocate 5% of their time to improve diversity. This is the logical conclusion of a simple realization: fostering diversity is not just a state of mind, it requires work.

This decision was communicated to the organization funding Pierre-Louis & Loïc work in 2021, asking them to acknowledge it by including this as a new deliverable. They agreed and the mentor assigned to fedeproxy suggested organizations located in France that may help.


The May 2021 monthly event happened, with Pierre-Louis and myself. Since there was no-one else in the meeting, we took this opportunity to verbally exchange on what was done over the past month and decided to allocate 5% of our time to foster diversity. And since the User Research phase is now complete, we decided to focus on the implementation and make a list of tasks to share the work.

A video was published to explain part of the fedeproxy development plan. It was presented during the Next Generation Internet webinar on Linked Data held June 21st, 2021.

The June 2021 monthly event will happen tomorrow, June 24th.

Transparency and funding

The [decision to allocate 5% of the time to diversity]](Fedeproxy Updates, May 2021 - #3 by dachary) has a direct impact on how money from the DAPSI grant is spent. The total amount allocated to salaries (page 7) is 66,400€ and 5% of that amount is 3,320€.

Final version published:

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