Donating the forgefriends name to the Gitea fork


Names are being brainstormed for the Gitea fork and it was suggested that “forgefriends” would be a good name. That would require the forgefriends project as it exists now to find another name, which is not something I look forward to because renaming is a pain. But I feel like this Gitea fork is worth the effort, should there be a consensus that it is the best name to go with.

People have come to associate forgefriends with forge federation over the past year and shifting to publishing a software forge (that also happens to focus on forge federation) is maybe not that confusing. It could even be perceived as a natural development.

What do you think?


Isn’t better to choose a synonym of friend or friendship? as forgepal or forgeally?


I have committed to the whole ‘storytelling’ that surrounds The Forgers Guild, and suggested the Smithy ( and domains ) name for that. Forgefriends would be a very good fit in the overall branding theme of “forging free software”. You need a lot of friends to forge (which e.g can be connection points to FSDL, Social Coding and broader Free Software community).

I will help you find a new name, should the decision for a donation be made.

Also, related, I’ve come to the insight that one of the tasks of a Guild is to be custodian of a guild brand, and give all its members full access + help to take any optimal position within that framework. Brands are not just gloss, they are strategic assets. For FOSS no different than anywhere else.

One suggestion… I mentioned on fork or federation chat today (can’t remember which): Codesmith

→ Of course that name also might mean, forgefriends not donated and “Smithy” (or whatever is chosen) Community uses Codesmith.