Diversity & User Research

In the context of recruiting participants for the affinity mapping session, I’m now exclusively sending invitations to people who are from minorities. It takes a lot longer because (by definition) there are a lot less, but it’s a necessary effort to improve diversity.

Reached out to https://www.duchess-france.org/ this morning, via their slack channel. I made an exception to not using proprietary online services that makes me uncomfortable by registering on Slack and I set a reminder to remove my account by the end of the month (after the affinity mapping which is May 28th or May 26th).

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The Affinity Mapping meeting is now full and has diversity among its participants. Based on previous experience I estimate looking for diversity required about 8 more hours and added about a week (calendar time). It is a significant effort but it also shows it’s not mission impossible, far from it.

For the record there has been a single message posted on Slack in the past 7 days. It looks like the organization is not active at the moment.