Diversity in the languages / translations

Sent a mail today to a developer from Iran:

Subject: GitHub TOS and Iran


Would you agree to discuss about how GitHub policy is problematic[0] for developers in Iran[1]? Earlier this year I bootstrapped a “forge federation” project that is about allowing developers from everywhere to work together without being subject to such restrictions[2].


[0] x.com
[1] Advancing developer freedom: GitHub is fully available in Iran - The GitHub Blog
[2] https://fedeproxy.eu

Update: they kindly replied that they have no time to discuss this right now.

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Asked a colleague who used to live in Crimea, over five years ago. He replied that he no longer knows any developers still living there:

pretty much all my friends have moved. But yeah, people are using various proxies. And not just for github, of course.

Sent an interview request to Najmeh Mousavi who works for DAPSI and is also a developer.

I will create a specific topic related to diversity and translation so it is not forgotten.