Discussion of Sourcehut vs Github for Audacity fork

Tenacity team is discussing their hosting, with dual github/sourcehut hosting:

It is interesting that no one seems to point the fact that sourcehut is going to bill maintainers. And a recurring discussion point is the CI, and the need for MacOS/Windows builder, that none of the alternative platform offers for free.

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I’m very grateful that you summarized the points that interest you: that’s a very long thread and although it’s valuable to bookmark it as a good example, I’m not sure I’ll have the time to read through it entirely in the near future :thinking:

I was planning to read it again later once the ticket is closed, because indeed, this is quite long ( 101 comments as of now), and unsurprisingly, the discussion is not very productive after a while (and lack of threading do not help).

Now I think of it, the list of people and their vote could be used to find a list of people potentially interested to try fedeproxy later.

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