Deployment of librepages for Friendly Forge Format


Here are the notes for the deployment of for publishing the documentation published in the html-documentation repository.

Define (to handle the webhook instructing librepages to pull) and which is where the documentation will be published in the DNS zone.

On the libvirt hypervisor that hosts everything, update the Enough configuration:

Create the VM

  • ~/.enough/forgefriends.lan/inventory/all.yml add pages-host:
  • ~/.enough/forgefriends.lan/inventory/host_vars/pages-host/provision.yml add libvirt_ram: 1024
  • enough --domain forgefriends.lan host create --driver libvirt pages-host

Setup librepages

  • ~/.enough/forgefriends.lan/inventory/group_vars/pages-service-group.yml with pages_repository: ""
  • enough --domain forgefriends.lan playbook -- --limit bind-host,pages-host,localhost venv/share/enough/enough-playbook.yml |& tee /tmp/pages.yml

Setup the reverse proxy

  • ~/.enough/forgefriends.lan/proxy-playbook.yml (- name: setup & name: setup
  • enough --domain forgefriends.lan playbook -- --limit proxy-host,localhost ~/.enough/forgefriends.lan/proxy-playbook.yml

Setup the webhook

  • TBD
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