Decision: Social Coding initiative utilizes Forge Friends community forum

Social Coding was started yesterday by @CSDUMMI and me. It is a follow-up to a Fediverse Futures brainstorm on Lemmy:

Social Coding and “United Software Development” (which I discussed before at length with @dachary) is immensely aligned to forgefriends. Therefore - if you feel for it - we’d like to become part of the Forge Friends community and have our own top-level category and sub-cats on the forum.


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Any thoughts on this would be highly appreciated as it will help us move forward with our organization prep.


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I love the look and feel of the website :+1: As a developer it would help me figure out what Social Coding is about if it was applied to a concrete project so I can bridge the theory with actual practices.

My 2cts :slight_smile:

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Thank you @dachary! Yes, that is actually part of the initiative. It will be accompanied by federated app design & impl, which will start with creation of an IdeationHub, for any fedizen to pose ideas, elaborate, iterate and discuss. The idea is to then form Community around them and spin them off as Projects when there’s sufficient interest. And in that last part is where forgefriends peeks around the corner :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I really liked our vidcall chat yesterday @dachary. I just gave a small update in our public Matrix chatroom. You expressed your concern and highlighted the importance of doing proper User Research, and we will take that into account.

Aboveall we want to keep the separation between ‘Social Coding movement’ and ‘Social Coding impls’ and that also means elaborating Business Domains vs. Application Domains in separate tracks.

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It occurred to me that this proposed relationship goes 2-ways possibly:

  • Forgefriends is a Social Coding initiative.
  • Or even: Forgefriends is part of Social Coding.

Social Coding after all encompasses the entire free software development lifecycle.

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Umm, this topic being out and about for 2 weeks and a day now… what’s the status of the decision? Does this need a vote, and if yes, when?

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The way I understand the initial question is that you asked if anyone had an objection to create a category named “Social Coding” in the forgefriend forum. Nobody raised any objection in the last two weeks, therefore I think there indeed is a consensus and you can create the category.

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Thank you, that is lovely. Would you make me mod of the forum so we can manage that section, or is that a separate decision to decide on?

The forgefriends manifesto states:

Community members with access to an exclusive resource are listed publicly and share that access with other community members when asked to

I’m listed as a community member with admin access to the forum. You asked me for admin rights on the forum, therefore you will get them. Would you be so kind as to update the page to add yourself as an admin of the forum?

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I want to thank @dachary most kindly for providing space on this forum :green_heart:
Social Coding has briefly been part of this forum, but now has a forum of its own. In terms of positioning it is much clearer that way.

Decision [Updated]

Social Coding will use its own co-shared forum.