Decision: setup a moderation process


In the context of another community, I came to realize something is missing the forgefriends community. There is a Code of Conduct which can be effectively applied but there is no consensus on how a moderation action should be carried out. (when they are not against spam bots :robot:). In a nutshell, I think the moderation should be:

  • transparent
  • understandable by anyone
  • forgotten after a few years

To explain my meaning, I created the moderation category and wrote down a detailed description.

This is not a pressing matter because there never was any need for moderation so far. But it’s maybe by planning ahead that problematic behaviors can be prevented altogether. I also think it plays an important role in attracting more diversity (i.e. welcome persons who are traditionally under represented in tech).

If there is a consensus on the proposed moderation category in the next two weeks, it will be added to the site banner that is displayed when users first login.


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It has been two weeks and there was no objection, the decision is final.

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