DAPSI call deadline 23/11/2021

This is actually an excellent opportunity for fedeproxy, thanks! I missed the mail :grin:

It also is a low hanging fruit for Gitea: the generic grant application has all the elements as well as an example that can be re-used.

Would we be able to apply for it as well? I saw the following in the DAPSI application:

“By ticking this box, I confirm the applicant(s) has not received funding for a similar project and that the applicant(s) has enough Operational Capacity to carry out the work. In addition, the applicant(s) gives consent to DAPSI consortium to share the needed information with other NGI RIAs projects for the only purpose of cross-check that there is not double funding or operational capacity conflict.”

Makes me think that they won’t double fund the same effort, so if we are accepted for one grant we couldn’t work on the other (at least for the same idea).

There are a few ideas for Gitea that would be well suited to DAPSI unrelated to federation.

They won’t but you will not know if the NLnet grant is accepted before the November 23rd, 2021 deadline. It is legitimate to apply to DAPSI with exactly the same project: only you will have to chose one if both are accepted. See this accepted NLnet grant application to get an idea of the timeline.

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Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for your guidance.

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@aschrijver it occurred to me that your ideas for community building would nicely fit in a grant proposal for DAPSI to continue the work after the current grant runs out (i.e. January 2022).

I will not work on this grant application and focus on development work instead. I know you’re otherwise busy but if someone else was to apply, they would not compete against me or anyone else.

@pilou when we discussed two weeks ago in person I also told you that I won’t work on this grant application. You were considering working on it yourself, did you come to a decision?

To be clear I would be very happy to participate in the execution of such a grant. But it would also be fine with me if the grant application does not include any task for me.

Thank you @dachary. I am interested to evaluate possibilities. The next DAPSI Open Call is 23 November 2021. With “continue the work” I assume you mean a renewed package for the entire FedeProxy project, and having a “community building” component to that?

(Note that I’m also considering a DAPSI application for Groundwork, possibly tied to Federated Diversity Foundation, which involves community building as well)

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@aschrijver it would of course make a lot of sense for you to apply for Groundwork! I hope the fedeproxy grant application DAPSI-fedeproxy.odt (51.5 KB) DAPSI-fedeproxy.pdf (145.5 KB) will be an example from which you can get useful information.

Yes. The original application has a community building aspect but it is less elaborate than what you suggested. And it will be much much more necessary in the months to come, as soon as something starts working at the technical level

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Well, the timing is perfect i.e. after having established a baseline for the entire project, having researched many related topics, and determined scope and roadmap in more detail.

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Gentle ping?

As I said, due to your decision to switch to Go, I really don’t known where the Fedeproxy will be at the end of January. The main activities of our project planning were among other things:

  • a Django based server relying on ActivityPub with two modules based on the GitLab & GitHub API for creating and commenting on issues and merge requests
  • Setup a fedeproxy server

What do you plan to deliver?

To know that would ease the redaction of a grant application, for which some activities would be to develop new features.

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The Django part no longer stands, indeed, but it is an implementation detail. The deliverables for the current grant do not change: you can rely on that.

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@pilou just to be abundantly clear for people reading this thread and interested in applying to this grant, would you mind answering yes or no to the following: did you start working on a draft of a grant application for fedeproxy?

I just had an oral discussion with @dachary who told me that my answer wasn’t clear. So just to be clear: I didn’t work on the grant application since the exchange mentioned by Loic (and I never told him that I would).

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Thanks for clarifying this and my apologies for misunderstanding what you said.

I already stated above that I will not take the lead on writing this grant application. @pilou do you intend to take the lead on a grant application for the DAPSI call for this deadline (23/11/2021)?

There is value in being very, very explicit about our intentions in this matter. If I was an external observer, I would assume that the people who applied for the first grant will also apply again if there is an opportunity. Unless they issue a public statement that they have no intention to do so. We are 4 weeks to the deadline and there is plenty of time for anyone interested to step in.

I really don’t know yet. I just asked @aschrijver this question.

As a member of the project, I assumed that you would not take the decision to switch to Go alone :wink:

I apologize, this was a mistake on my part. I re-opened the discussion regarding this decision, with an open mind. I look forward to discussing it with you in this thread.

@aschrijver @pilou if you’d like to setup a videoconference in the days to come, I’d be happy to share whatever expertise I built when applying to the ongoing DAPSI grant with you both. We did that a few months ago for the Gitea project and I think it was useful. There are abundant written information and a little bit of verbal communication helps fill the gaps. Just let me know if you need me.

For the record @aschrijver decided to sit this one out. I’m making this explicit here for the benefit of someone interested in taking the lead in writing a grant application to advance fedeproxy.

The beneficiaries of this third call will complete the program mid-October 2022. There is no indication that there will be a continuation.