DAPSI call deadline 20/01/2021

Received a survey request today:


The purpose of this survey is to collect useful information about the state of the art of your company in terms of infrastructures, previous experiences, and knowledge about the tools that will be used during the DAPSI program. We collect such information at the beginning of the path in order to customize the topics of each training session, and we will collect again your feedback at the end of the project, in order to evaluate our effectiveness.

Do you already have an Application Infrastructure in your company? (such as Amazon AWS; Google Cloud; etc.) *

How do you rate your knowledge about FIWARE Lab (the free application infrastructure offered by DAPSI)? *

Could you consider using FIWARE Lab as your application infrastructure after the training that will be held on May 13th? *

How do you rate your knowledge about the FIWARE ecosystem?

How do you rate your knowledge about FIWARE Generic Enablers? *

How do you rate your knowledge about Redmine support tool? *

Have you ever used a Knowledge Base Management System before? *

Contact Information
Please, confirm here your name/s and email/s for future communication about technical training and support tools. It/they will be also used to create the corresponding Redmine Account/s
Redmine Homepage: https://support.dapsi.ngi.eu
Redmine Privacy Policy: https://docs.dapsi.ngi.eu/category/documentation/redmine/
Loïc Dachary loic@dachary.org Pierre-Louis Bonicoli pierre-louis.bonicoli@libregerbil.fr

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I received and accepted an invitation for the tomorrow google meet meeting Application Infrastructure and Support Tools (Thursday, May 13, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM).

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I received the same invitation and replied:

Would it be possible to setup the videoconference on a service hosted with Free Software such as https://jitsi.org/ or https://bigbluebutton.org? Or to be able to join using a regular phone number?

I apologize for this request and would fully understand if you do not provide alternatives. I’m a Free Software vegetarian[0], meaning I do not use proprietary software, even when they are awesome. Very much like a vegetarian would not eat meat, even when it is delicious :slight_smile: It is an ethical and personal choice I made years ago and it sometimes causes problems.

If there is no way to join the meeting other than Google Meet, I could watch the recording afterwards. It’s just an idea though: I’m trying to find all imaginable ways to participate without using proprietary software.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and I look forward to finding the best possible solution.


[0] https://blog.dachary.org/2020/12/19/looking-for-a-free-software-vegetarian-developer-position/

Received today:

Dear DAPSI innovators of our second call,

Welcome to this mailing list for general communication purposes. All the contacts for the 15 projects and our consortium partners are in this distribution list.

To open this channel, I will share with you an interesting event happening next week in the context of the NGI initiative and where some of our projects from Round 1 will participate. The details below:

The NGI Forum 2021 is already next week, and you are specially invited to join the one-hour session called How to make data portability go mainstream?

As you know, the right to data portability was considered one of the most important novelties within the EU General Data Protection Regulation. An opportunity to give the power of personal data back to people’s hand and fuel competition. But users still demand more practicality associated with the rules. Five experts and innovators from DAPSI will discuss how data portability can go mainstream.


  • Michiel de Jong (Ponder Source) (DAPSI’s Advisory Board Member)


  • Alejandro Russo (Dpella project)
  • Tom Haegemans (UI-Transfer project)
  • Hans-Joerg (OpenXPort project)
  • Mehdi Medjaoui (ALIAS project)


Please make sure you share this information with all your team members and with everyone you think might be interested.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Received today:

Microsoft 365 Work Brilliantly Together

Welcome to the DAPSI_Round2_Phase1 group

How to participate

As a guest, you’re invited to take part in group conversations, share the latest ideas saved in the group files and notebook, and manage group tasks.

Email the group

For easy access, add DAPSI_Round2_Phase1@zabalacorp.onmicrosoft.com to your contacts and save this message in your inbox so you can refer back to it.

Go to SharePoint

Discover documents and photos shared by group members in the dedicated site.

Go to the shared notebook

Read and add to the latest notes from group members.

I hope participating via email will be good enough. Otherwise I’ll kindly ask someone to send me the documents that are published in a space that would require using a proprietary service to access.

Today 24,800€ were received by my from DAPSI. I wired 50% (i.e. 12,400€) to Libregerbil.

I did not receive a reply and was therefore not able to attend the May 13th, 2021 webinar.

Note that this videoconference required a google account :disappointed:. @misc pointed to me that non-Google account holders can only join an existing meeting created from a G Suite user, not a free user.

Here are my notes about the [DAPSI] Application Infrastructure and Support Tools (Webinar) meeting:

  • I updated the Application Infrastructure and Support Tools - Attendees List adding my name.
  • some infrastructure (by default: 2VMs, 4Go, 1public IP) is provided for free via Fiware lab, which is a Cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack (15 nodes spread all around europe and rest and the world). We could request a quota increase. This infrastructure will be provided during all the DAPSI project. Using this cloud provider is recommended but not mandatory. I shared the OpenStack credentials with @dachary. During this webinar, I created a virtual machine using the Horizon web interface and connected to this host using SSH.
  • Accounts to a redmine instance will be provided.
  • https://docs.dapsi.ngi.eu is a technical knowledgebase (docker, fiware, redmine …). There is a publications section, it is recommended to share (public or private) materials here.

The recording of this meeting will be available on Youtube.

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Received today:


Un petit mail en français…

J’espère que cet email vous trouvera en bonne santé.

Comme vous le savez déjà, pendant le programme DAPSI, nous vous proposons un accompagnement individuel avec un mentor dédié.

Votre mentor sera redacted qui travaille dans l’équipe d’IMT Starter.

Trois sessions de 2h chacune sont prévues le :

le 26 mai
le 16 juin
le 2 juillet

Je vous laisse gérer les créneaux horaires de ces journées. Si pour une raison particulière vous n’étiez pas disponible, merci d’organiser votre réunion autour de ces jours.

Je vous souhaite une discussion très constructive.

And I replied:


Enchanté de faire votre connaissance :slight_smile: De notre coté (et sous contrôle de Pierre-Louis en copie), nous sommes disponibles à l’heure de votre convenance durant les trois jours proposés.

Si cela vous convient, je propose que nous nous retrouvions sur le salon de visioconférence suivant:



I forgot the affinity mapping 26 May in the afternoon :scream: Thanks @pilou for the reminder! Just sent the followup:


Pierre-Louis me fait remarquer que nous avons pris un engagement le 26 mai dans l’après midi, nous avons donc une contrainte horaire ce jour la. Mais nous sommes disponibles en matinée.


Reply from the mentor today:

Bonsoir Loïc et merci de votre réaction rapide.

Pour ma part j’avais noté le RdV du 26 mai pour le matin, donc ce devrait répondre à vos contraintes.

Bonne fin de semaine,



Permettez-moi de vous proposer de repositionner la réunion du 2 juillet à la semaine suivante, car je serai finalement en congés.

Je vous propose donc 7 au matin ou le 8 matin (ou après-midi) : quelle est votre préférence ?

Merci d’avance et bonne fin de semaine,

I am not available from the 7 to the 15 July included. I am available the previous week.

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We probably don’t need to be together on that occasion. I replied:


Pas de soucis pour décaler le 7 au matin. C’est noté.


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Received today:

Dear all

hope you’re doing well.

On the next Thursday (20th of May) you will have your first online session with our trainer redacted (copied in this email).

The session will take place from 10 to 12 AM on zoom:

redacted is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Dapsi Business Training
Time: May 20, 2021 10:00 AM Madrid

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: [890 6467 4277](callto:890 6467 4277)
Passcode: 197697
One tap mobile
+442034815240,89064674277#,*197697# United Kingdom
+442039017895,89064674277#,*197697# United Kingdom

Dial by your location
[+44 203 481 5240](callto:+44 203 481 5240) United Kingdom
[+44 203 901 7895](callto:+44 203 901 7895) United Kingdom
[+44 208 080 6591](callto:+44 208 080 6591) United Kingdom
[+44 208 080 6592](callto:+44 208 080 6592) United Kingdom
[+44 330 088 5830](callto:+44 330 088 5830) United Kingdom
[+44 131 460 1196](callto:+44 131 460 1196) United Kingdom
[+44 203 481 5237](callto:+44 203 481 5237) United Kingdom
[+1 346 248 7799](callto:+1 346 248 7799) US (Houston)
[+1 669 900 6833](callto:+1 669 900 6833) US (San Jose)
[+1 929 436 2866](callto:+1 929 436 2866) US (New York)
[+1 253 215 8782](callto:+1 253 215 8782) US (Tacoma)
[+1 301 715 8592](callto:+1 301 715 8592) US (Washington DC)
[+1 312 626 6799](callto:+1 312 626 6799) US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: [890 6467 4277](callto:890 6467 4277)
Passcode: 197697
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kce62Z9H7E

For a better preparation and comprehension of your project please complete the follow form (it takes you 5 min) before Wednesday end of the day:


Thank you for your participation.


I filled the form.

Name of startup *


What stage defines you best? *


Based on your milestones describe your 3 main business challenges for the next 6 months? *

the fedeproxy is an experiment with no business objective

Based on your milestones, describe your 3 main technical challenges for the next 6 months? *

(i) user research, (ii) software implementation, (iii) running in production

Based on your current stage, describe your ideal 1st customer/partner/user/integration/pilot/PoC. Be as specific as you can be. In other words, if we could waive a magic wand, and get you a first customer, who would that be? *

A Free Software developer working with multiple software forge on a daily basis.

As we are here to help, anything specific you need help on or anything else we should know?


Received today:

Dear startups,

thanks again for the participation to the webinar held last week.

I hope it was interesting and that you could take advantage of our Infrastructure and Tools.

Here attached you can find the slides I used during the webinar, you will find the “step-by-step” video tutorial about FIWARE Lab (slide 7) and some useful links in slide 13.

Of course for any doubt don’t hesitate to contact me again, and… be ready… because we are arranging the next webinar about FIWARE Generic Enablers to boost up the development of your solution!


(slides redacted to remove the one that includes passwords for all accounts)

Application Infrastructure and Support Tools - Webinar.odp (4.7 MB)

Received today.

Dear all,

I would like to inform and invite you to the final event of DAPSI projects from the first open call:

“The web after the Platforms” on the 2nd of June.

Seven DAPSI teams will pitch their project in the framework of a bigger event. They will also participate in different panel discussion.

The information and registration details in the flyer attached. I hope you can attend. It will be really interesting! It is free.

Best regards,

I’m not available at that time and will not attend.

Received today:


DAPSI Value Proposition Training




jeudi 27 mai 2021 10:00 – 12:00


redacted is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 890 6467 4277
Passcode: 197697
One tap mobile
+442034815240,89064674277#,*197697# United Kingdom
+442039017895,89064674277#,*197697# United Kingdom

Dial by your location
+44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom

Meeting ID: 890 6467 4277
Passcode: 197697
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kce62Z9H7E

Sent today (individual mentoring, 2h meeting):


Je confirme notre rendez-vous le 26 mai 2021 à 9h00 sur ce salon de visioconférence:



Answer received today:

DAPSI - Coaching session #1

mercredi 26 mai 2021 11:00 – 12:00

J’espère que ce créneau vous conviendra, sinon dites-moi. En reprenant vos courriels, je vois que vous préférez Jitsi, je prends donc votre lien Jitsi https://jitsi.enough.community/ResidentialContributorsTextFully comme moyen de connexion initial (on conserve MS/TEAMS en secours et mon mobile redacted en plan C).


· Dapsi program propose a coaching session series


· Pitch of the project, at the point where it is now and its perspectives : Loïc

· Review of the main KPIs for the rest of the year

· Review of the plan to achieve the targets

· Review of the means available and needed, the ways to obtain and use them

· Review of the main challenges for the weeks ahead

· Open discussion

· Conclusion and set up the next recurrent time slots for the months to come

Expected outcomes

· Clear view of the project, its goals, difficulties and solutions.

Actions, next steps

· According to conclusion

Reçu aujourd’hui:

Loïc, merci de votre disponibilité pour notre partage ce matin.

Ci-dessous quelques notes pour résumé notre discussion (dites-moi si j’ai mal compris quelque chose).

Bonne fin de journée,


· FedeProxy aims first at allowing interactions of subscribers of forge’s services with non-subscribers (those later ones may want to interact with developers of specific forge services without being users of those services).

· A second FedeProxy may come later, allowing subscribers of a forge service to move own data to another forge service (but this second function have to be proved relevant as developers (from entreprises or independent ones) do not seem to really needing that portability facility).

· FedeProxy has made 10 (1-hour long) interviews of users of forge services and plan to analyse them in June and July.

· It is unclear what part of potential users would be keen to pay for the FedeProxy service, but the costs of operation are rather low (a simple server would operate the identity translation between the person’s and that in the targeted forge). Various possible business model could be foreseen.

· FedeProxy aims at operating a PoC involving some users to validate the interest, seize the potential market, clarify the usage and the possible business models.

Actions, next steps

· Analyse the interviews made, identify the top priority pains and needs : FedeProxy/Loïc, Pierre-Louis

· Next meetings : June 16th and July 7th, 11:00 to 12:00am : redacted to send corresponding invitations.

And I sent the following reply:


Merci pour votre écoute et vos conseils, c’était un plaisir. Le résumé est fidèle, à un détail près: il n’entre pas dans le cadre du projet de clarifier les business models. C’est un point important qui a été précisé lorsque le projet a été soumis. Je confirme cependant que l’intention est bien de valider l’intérêt de l’expérimentation auprès d’une population telle que définie dans la proposition. Bien que l’ambition soit modeste elle est essentielle.


Received today: