DAPSI call deadline 20/01/2021

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Received today:

Received today:

I received this message the 28 October 2021:

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Received today:

The document has been added to the NextCloud dapsi directory.

@pilou it looks like there will be zero travel expanses for DAPSI. 5,000€ out of the 8,000€ (if memory serves) have been repurposed for advancing Gitea federation. That would leave 3,000€ extra. Would you be OK on principle to redirect these to something other than travel? That would be 1,500€ out of your pocket and 1,500€ out of mine. Of course it all depends on what exactly and if the math is correct but before diving into the details I wanted to know how you feel about the idea.

This needs to be decided once the coordinator and beneficiary changes have been settled (or if these changes aren’t performed).

Of course. But how to do you feel about the idea?

I followed the webinar DAPSI Open Source Business models. A google account was required. I completed the attended list and there was no feedback form.

The slides are licensed CC BY-SA and will be shared later. Here - are - some.

I don’t know when the following webinars (VoCol: a collaborative ontology development tool and Data privacy and GDPR vocabularies and ontologies) are.

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Sent today:

As you mentionned today section 5.2 of the MoU requires that all communications with the Contractor go through the coordinator. Could you please make sure that’s the case from then on?

In response of the following message from the business mentor

I answered:

December 1st is not OK with me, I have another engagement.

I chose this date because there is no conflicting meeting in your agenda. Could you propose another date/time slot?


I didn’t receive an invitation with the link (google meet, zoom, whatever) for the VoCol: a collaborative ontology development tool webinar. I wasn’t worried because a webinar has already been postponed (and we were notified after the meeting start time).

Did you receive an invitation or a link for this past event?

  1. This concerns the beneficiaries and the coordinator: let’s wait for any changes to be completed.
  2. There is no such direct link between the amount of the DAPSI grant and a grant financed in a personal capacity.

Can you please give a straight answer to the question? Would you be ok, yes or no?

It doesn’t seem right to me to discuss this without the parties involved being known/without the parties involved.

Received yesterday from the DAPSI contractor: