DAPSI call deadline 20/01/2021

@pilou a draft of the report due before Monday September 13th, 2021 is available under dapsi/2021-09-13-report.md in cloud.fedeproxy.eu. It is almost done but please ping me when you have time to proofread it: I’ll keep working on details until you do.

Here is a read-only link to the report for transparency purposes.

I’m done with the draft :tada: I’ll be available tomorrow starting 2pm via videoconference to work with you on polishing it. Very happy this is done: it definitely is not my favorite activity in the fedeproxy project :sweat_smile:

Received today:

Hi fedeproxy team, good morning

Have you been able to look at my request below?
Do you think you will be able to send us your answers next week?

Thank you!

Replied today:


Sorry for not replying sooner: it slipped through the cracks of the summer :slight_smile: We’re currently very busy completing the phase 1 report for DAPSI but I’ll make a note to send you a reply in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your help

Mail sent today to Stanley Claisse.


Nous allons donc finalement envoyer la lettre telle quelle, l’échéance étant avant le 13 septembre 2021. Et nous ne travaillons pas le week-end :slight_smile: Rien le laisse supposer qu’un problème se posera mais il est rassurant de vous savoir à nos coté… au cas ou!


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The phase 1 report was sent today, the markdown files were converted to ODT via pandoc and to PDF via libreoffice and attached to the mail.

Subject: Fedeproxy phase 1 report
Dear all,

Please find the fedeproxy report for the phase 1 attached. It covers all activities (not just the technical part). Let us know if you have any question.


2021-09-13-report.md (53.9 KB)
2021-09-13-report-annex-1-non-commercial-kpi.md (11.5 KB)

Received today:

Subject: SAVE the DATE! DAPSI - Virtual event for Phase 2 - 1st October

Dear DAPSI teams,

I hope that the summer is going great.

The next important event will be the selection of those teams that will continue and progress to the DAPSI phase 2. This will be held in a virtual event held on the 1st October (tentative timing from 9:00 to 17:00). Please, SAVE the DATE.

We will send a detailed agenda and more information in the coming weeks.

For the time being, I can advance that you will have to pitch for around 15 minutes and be evaluated on technical and business criteria.

Best regards,

Received today:

Subject: DAPSI event - 1st October

Dear all,

I will try to clarify your doubts about the evaluation and coming event.

For the decision about your second payment, based on your progress and KPIs completion:
    Technical validation (50%): Based on the assessment of your deliverables/reports/demos submitted to your coach Najmeh or Abdel
    Business validation (40%): Based on the assessment done by your business mentor during the calls you had with him
    Commitment validation measured by presence during the training programme (10%): based on the attendance to trainings and webinars

For the decision about your progress to phase 2 and continue with us 4 more months:
    Continuous assessment (50%): This is the score obtained in the evaluation made by your coaches (the one checked for tha payment explained above)
    Event presentation (50%): more details about it will be shared in a separate email soon.

Notice that our desire is to have you all onboard in the phase 2!

The results of this evaluation (payment and access to phase 2) will be communicated on the following week after the event (week 4th-8th October).

All the detail about the evaluation is included in the report your received on the 5th of July.

Let me know if you have more doubts.

Received today:

Dear all,

I share with you more information about the event on the 1st October.

I attach you the detailed agenda where you can see the specific time slot assigned to each project. The idea is that you attend the whole day programme to have the opportunity to see the presentations of all the participants. Anyway, if you are not available for the whole day, manage to connect to the common parts (welcome, closure) and to your time slot. If you have any conflict with the time assigned to your project, let us know.
Your time slot:
    You will have 8-10 min max. to present and after this 1-2 questions form the jury (composed by 4 experts: 2 tech + 2 business)
    Skeleton/content to include in the presentation:
        General explanation of the solution you propose for Data Portability, problem solved, explain open source use and open source results (if any). Not all the jury members know your projects!
        Technical aspects (based on a demo of already working results. It can be live demo or recorded) (You will be evaluated on a list of 6 subcriteria items. See attachment)
        Business aspects (You will be evaluated on a list of 5 subcriteria items. See attachment)
        Format: free format. As example it can be a powerpoint including a demo to assess that there are results working (live demo or video recorded)
        Recommended extension: 10 slides max
Platform: We will use Zoom. We will update the outlook invitation with the connection info. The link: [redacted]
Attendees: Please reply to this email with me and my colleagues [redacted] and [redacted] in cc indicating the person(s) presenting the project on the 1st October.

Let us know if you have any doubt.

Best regards,

ngi-DAPSI-Criteria.pdf (620.2 KB)
NGI-DAPSI-OC2-FINAL PHASE I EVENT_Agenda_v1.pdf (385.2 KB)

I replied:

Thanks for the details. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli pierre-louis.bonicoli@libregerbil.fr and Loïc Dachary loic@dachary.org will attend. Would you be so kind as to share the phone number and pin number associated with the conference room?

Received the following today:


phone number :
+33 1 7095 0103

PIN [redacted]

Good luck for the preparation of your slides.

@pilou here are slides for the October 1st presentation. Would you like to rehearse it next week when we get a chance to work together IRL? I’ll need to rehearse a few times to get it right. And since you’ll be the one going to the next slide, it will be useful to try a few times to get it right :slight_smile:

2021-10-01-presentation.odp (4.9 MB)

Would you like to rehearse it next week when we get a chance to work together IRL?

Yes !

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Received today:

Subject: RE: DAPSI event - 1st October

Dear all,

We needed to re-adjust the agenda so find attached a new version where there is a 15 minutes deviation for Teams 6-10, and Team 11 is now presenting after the lunch break that is re-arranged from 12:00 to 13:00.

Also, I remind pending partners to indicate who will participate on Friday to present the project. Missing info from partners:

Team 6- CryptPad - INTEROFFICE

Team 7- Maemo Leste - ML

Team 8- Advanced Infrastructure - myenergy.ai

Team 11 - Visions - RULEBOOK

Team 13- Konetik GmbH. - TDIP

Team 15- Snikket – XPORTA

P.S: you can send your ppt the day before for backup if you want.

Best regards,

NGI-DAPSI-OC2-FINAL PHASE I EVENT_Agenda_v3.pdf (385.4 KB)

I replied today:

Dear [redacted],

Thanks for offering to keep the presentation for backup. Here is the presentation for fedeproxy, just in case something goes wrong on our end.


2021-10-01-presentation-fedeproxy.pdf (1.6 MB)

The DAPSI pitches are over, here is the slide with the next steps:

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Received today:

Evaluation Summary Report - Phase I.pdf (145.9 KB)

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Received today:

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@dachary I suggest to send a link to https://fedeproxy.eu/ and the DAPSI pitch slides.

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Received today: