Creating a federated issue


I’d like to start working on a UX for creating a federated issue, based on a simple use case:

Name Create an issue on a remote forge
Description Given my forge knows about a project hosted on a remote forge, if I browse the issues of this project on my forge, I’m able to create a new issue on my forge for this project, knowing it will be copied over to the remote forge for other people involved in the project to know about it.
Primary actor Remote Contributor
Precondition The user case - follow a remote project on my forge succeeds
Trigger Click ‘Create’ button on the representation of the issue list of the remote project on my local forge.
Basic flow - Exactly the same as when creating an issue on a project hosted on my forge
- Visual cues let me know that the issue I created is being transmitted to the remote forge
- Visual cue let me know the issue was successfully transmitted
- A link to go to the remote forge and see the issue on the remote forge is provided
Alternative flows Following alternative flows are documented below:
- Visual cue let me know the issue failed to be transmitted
- Button allows me to retry the transmission

The user research conducted last year recommended to focus on federated issues. It feels like the UX for creating a federated issue would be a good start… but I’m no UX designer and maybe it is not the best approach :thinking:

One thing is for sure: it will use Penpot (which I recently learned) and the implementation will translate into a pull request to Gitea.

Now it all depends on the availability of a UX designer with an interest in federation: I stand ready to work with them :pray:


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