Continuous Call “SME & NGI Cascaded Experiments”

Fed4FIRE+ was mentioned in an unattended (and non mandatory) DAPSI workshop.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Programme Horizon 2020. The project aims to support short experiences (less than 3 months) providing technical testbed/facilities and small grants. The Fed4FIRE+ project will end by December this year.

There is still one call open: Continuous Call “SME & NGI Cascaded Experiments. Proposals are accepted from “SMEs” or “Parties who have successfully participated in one of the Open Calls of an H2020 NGI project” (@dachary that was the grant with this requirement I mentioned to you).

The proposal/experiment:

  • must use one of the testbeds, there are two cloud testbeds (one of them is Grid5000)
  • can request a maximum of 12 500€ (incl. a max of €2 500 for the testbed)

The Fed4FIRE+ partner responsible for the testbed must be contacted before the submission. The next submission deadline is: 21 September.

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@pilou do you have a fedeproxy experiment in mind that would be a good fit?

The goal of the experiment described below is to find out how many relations one fedeproxy instance can handle and identify bottlenecks.

The experiment:

  • create X Gitea instances (this group of instances is named bar), each with their own fedeproxy instance. These Gitea instances must not be limited by their allocated resources (RAM/CPU/IO).
  • create X independent Git projects, one for each Gitea instance
  • create another Gitea/fedeproxy pair named foo
  • federate each project on the foo instance
  • update each bar projects (for example: one scheduled task on each Gitea host)
  • check the fedeproxy foo state

Any cloud testbeds could be used for this experience.
Ansible is used in order to setup the experiment (create and setup the hosts/services). One host is used foreach Gitea/fedeproxy pair within the bar group. Two dedicated hosts are used for the foo pair.

That’s sensible. Do you think that be elligible for grid5000 ? My understanding is that they are dedicated to research and I really have no clue if that would be a fit for them. The other cluster I don’t know.

A Fed4FIRE grant application started today in the context of another project. It will not answer before the upcoming deadline (September 21st) but aims at answering the next call, by the end of the month. Progress can be followed in the following repository:

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Are you sure there will be a next call ?

I’m not sure but from what I read there is a call every two weeks.

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