Consideration for applying at NLNet grant (Deadline 1st Dec 2022)

After an unsuccessful series of attempts to apply for jobs, I consider going freelance :100: % now. My biggest obstacle is generating sources of income.

However, given that Gitea left money on the table last year and worked on Gitea before, I consider applying to work on it in 2023.

@dachary told me, that there is another round to apply for in November.

However, my employment contract has a termination period of six weeks to end of a quarter, i.e. if I can’t achieve a cancellation agreement my work would start 1st January (modulo some holiday period).

It’s the first time I would apply for a grant (or going freelance, to begin with), so I have some open questions:

  1. Would you be okay with me joining the team? (Is there a need?) I could focus on Frontend (and UX, up to a certain degree)
  2. Is it likely that not the whole grant is granted? What sums should I expect? (So I can plan accordingly)
  3. If several people apply for a grant on the same project (Gitea), is money be split among them?
  4. What accounting should I expect? (I’m a German resident - thinking about tax declaration and similar)

Looking forward to your replies.


The call is here NLnet; Open call for funding

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Grants from NLnet are flexible in terms of timing. You will be able to start working when available, even if this means three months after being awarded the grant.

You are already part of the team :slight_smile: But there is no need. It helps if you have connections with people and organizations related to your work, even if not a member.

IMHO it is likely. You have a very rare skillset and if you make a good application this should be seen as a considerable asset for the project.

You would be better off apply for a grant to contribute to forgefriends or Codeberg. In the end it is the same codebase but different organizations / projects.

The payments are philanthropic donations from NLnet and tax free.

Hope that helps!


Since you’re considering walking the same path, this topic is definitely worth a read, from top to bottom: it contains each and every document and message, all of them. Totally boring if you’re not applying to a grant. An essential fast forward documentary if you do.


Thank you so much.

My first step is already taken: Today I handed in my termination and got a confirmation by HR (with some things I need to sort out over the next couple of days).

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Oh, that’s a big step. Congratulations!

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Today’s conversation about the grant and another grant you may be part of at #32 - Grant applications - meta -

I started a draft at NLNet grant application (draft) - HedgeDoc

(Please let me know, whether it contains content for you by favouriting this reply. It’s the first time I’ve created a pad on @Gusted’s service).

In the first iteration I will gather information from the conversation with Dachary today and look at previous applications regarding Gitea or other projects (Kitten by Aral etc) to get an understanding, of what language is understood by NLNet.
These notes will likely not make it into the final version, so if you want me to keep them stored, let me know and I drop the links on the forum.

Once the information is in one place I can start with creating an outline and then fill in the texts (that’s my process for blogging as well).

The plan is to have a final version ready for submit by 2022-11-17T23:00:00Z to have some buffer in case oliverpool wants to join as beneficiary.

I added feedback right now to the pad with loic: in front for you to find easily. I hope it’s useful.

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I went through the August grant application today and took some notes (saved as local copy, just in case).

I also read the examplary intake document.

Right now, the pad is more like a brainstormed document, but I welcome you to read it already. There are more questions than answer to me ^^"
If you want to comment, please use some kind of indication what part is of you (Initials, italics or similar), so I can (a) spot what was not by me and (b) get back to you in case there is a need for communication.

If I have to limit myself (Dachary mentioned something between 6 months to a year) I would go with either moderation across instances or issue management. Both will require quite some research, likely with interviews. I’m not sure whether those can be „billed”. But yeah, take a look and let me know your thoughts.

In case there is a coworking space next Monday I will try to attend (unless work appointments get in the way).

Do you have any updates on this proposal?

Dangit! I mentioned it here as well m(

Yeah, I made it past the first round and answered the questions for more details.
I update #4 - NLNet - December 1st 2022 application (UI/UX) - sustainability - with the progress.