Comparison of source-code-hosting facilities


There are two parts in fedeproxy:

  • The skeleton federates forges but knows nothing about a specific feature (such as an issue, or a merge request). Over time the code base will stabilize and become more robust, there will be less and less changes.
  • The list of forge features that are federated. There already are lots of different features, each of them requires special attention. Some of them are dependent on each other (merge requests depend on users and issues). Others are standalone (a wiki for instance). Each feature has a lifecycle of its own and the number of features will keep growing. Over time the federation of a given feature is unpredictable: it depends on who has time to work on it.

It may make sense to move the data from this page to and create the table from what is in wikidata instead of a hand made version as it is now. The wikidata content could then be used by fedeproxy to get a curated inventory of all forge features and how they are federated (or not).