Code review rythm

@pilou it was my understanding that you would be available to review code that I write (such as these merge requests) which are contributions to the Gitea codebase (they are relevant to the fedeproxy project regardless of the language in which it is written). If memory serves you committed to a review the next day at the latest. I wrote specific comments for you to better understand the evolution of the code.

I reviewed the 12 merge requests you authored and you only reviewed a handful of the 77 merge requests I authored, to the point where I stopped waiting on your review when submitting a merge request, which is not a healthy for the quality of the codebase.

I’m willing to commit to reviewing your merge requests the next day at the latest (week-end, hollidays do not count :slight_smile: ). Would you be willing to make a similar commitment? You are an excellent reviewer and your contribution would make a difference.

The evaluation of the first phase of the DAPSI project was positive, we reached our goals and we have access to the second DAPSI round. The distribution of work within the consortium composed by both of us proved to be functional.

In what capacity are you asking that? As a DAPSI coordinator or as a member of the fedeproxy community?

As a member of the fedeproxy community.

My role as a DAPSI coordinator is exclusively to transfer to you 50% of the funds that I receive from the European Union. I never asked you anything in my capacity as a DAPSI coordinator and I never will.