Bootstraping fedeproxy repository in Go


The fedeproxy repository in Go was bootstraped with the gitea codebase. Changes from the gitea main branch will be merged (not rebased) on a regular basis.

Changes to fedeproxy will follow the regular merge-request workflow. They must be designed to reduce the likelihood of conflicts when the gitea main branch is merged.

The CI will be a GitLab-CI file that runs the drone CLI.


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The first merge of the Gitea main branch was done and I’ll schedule to make one every week so that it does not lag behind. @pilou would you like to take turns doing that?

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No, i don’t.

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The GitLab runner for the CI has a docker executor by default, with the sources mounted from a temporary docker volume. Since drone jobs are also using docker, they will fail to mount the volume of the source because they are not found on the docker host.

A solution would be to docker inspect the docker container running the CI job to figure out on which docker volume the sources were stored and then call drone exec --volume thefoundvolume:/drone/src.

A simpler solution is to run the tests from a GitLab runner that has a shell executor created with something similar to the following in /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml and associated to a specific tag (shell for instance) so that other jobs do not accidentally use it.

  name = "shell-exec"                                                                                                    
  url = ""                                                                                       
  token = "[redacted]"                                                                                         
  executor = "shell"

Care must be taken to remove .bash_logout and grant permissions to use docker:

$ rm /home/gitlab-runner/.bash_logout
$ usermod -aG docker gitlab-runner

The gitlab-ci.yml can then explicitly require to run jobs in the executor that has the shell tag.

@pilou would you be interested in adding the shell executor to the GitLab Enough playbook?

Yep !

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