Blender: choice for GITEA. Reasons and timeline!$jCeuzevMEhd-HH-VYkBG_Yb4AhaOpK9vWQnPPSugx08?

lunny: zeripath techknowlogick would you like to shade some light on this? It is a significant and positive evolution for the GItea project :rocket: I’m eager to know more (and probably not the only one!) :sparkles:

Wrt. to the talks with GITEA; we are indeed talking with the people who are behind the project as well as the efforts to add an organization behind it to support users/organizations who use Gitea as well as to function as a way to receive funds to support developers. Some of this happened on the gitea discord, some of it in mail, a good bit in video-chat (jitsi)